Milestones from 1922 to the present

The name Brand has been associated with springs used in industry for almost one hundred years. A brief history of the brandgroup.

Milestones from 1922 to the present


Establishment of the Joint Venture Ingpuls Dynamics

The joint venture is the logical consequence of many years of cooperation with Ingpuls on various levels. As a manufacturer of high-purity and customized shape memory alloys (SMA), Ingpuls Dynamics produces SMA actuators, assemblies and systems for various industries.

Foundation of product area for E-Mobility components

We are expanding our expertise in the field of e-mobility. In the future, another product world will emerge alongside our familiar world of springs: Wire bending parts for electric motors in e-drive trains and battery modules as well as for energy distribution in electric vehicles.



Building conversion for the medical sector

For our entry into the medical technology field an existing warehouse structure was upgraded to the highest possible standard for this purpose. The production department is also making great strides.



Start of production of the first torsion spring for decoupled alternator pulleys

First production of torsion springs from tension-optimised valve spring wire in automotive auxiliary systems



Realignment and announcement of our new corporate brand

We operate worldwide under the brandgroup, and in so doing integrate all parts of the company, subsidiaries, affiliates and national companies under one strategic brand umbrella.

Implementation of our new corporate identity

In order to expand our established position on the market and to ensure that our corporate brand becomes better known, we are developing a new corporate identity and are gradually implementing it within the group.



Establishment of our own laboratory

In order to always be one step ahead as a forward-looking company in research and development, the laboratory was established in 2017 and set up at the Anröchte site. Due to ever-increasing demands in the area of development and analysis, the  laboratory is equipped with the latest equipment for material and damage analysis.

Our special analysis capabilities include classical metallography on an optical basis, hardness testing down to the micro-load range, scanning electron microscopy with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction based on the Debye-Scherrer method.



New building for Brand Springs Poland

New building and move to the new home of Brand Poland Springs (BSP) in Siemianowice. The location has the latest manufacturing technology, for example for the automotive, construction, door industry and also industrial applications.

Takeover of Brand Oskar Schwenk, Fellbach

The brandgroup takes over the company Oskar Schwenk in Fellbach near Stuttgart. After the acquisition, the newly-founded company Brand Oskar Schwenk (BOS) continues to mainly manufacture products for applications in the automotive sector.

Start of production of arc springs for belt tensioners



Expansion to Mexico

The brandgroup and the Kern-Liebers group of companies decide to embark upon another strategic partnership. In 2015, the joint venture Brand-Kern-Liebers is founded in El Marques near Querétaro, Mexico. 



Expansion to China

To meet the growing demand on the Asian market, we establish a joint venture called Brand-Kern-Liebers (BKL) with our strategic partner Kern Liebers. The company is based in Taicang.



Building extension, Anröchte

Construction of a new 8,000 m² production hall and warehouse, as well as an administration building for the industrial springs and door industry divisions in Anröchte.



Construction of a new logistics hall for the door and gate technology division in Anröchte

We also see ourselves as a service and logistics partner for our customers. In that capacity, we build a logistics hall especially for our customers in the industrial and garage doors sector.



Expansion into Eastern Europe 

In order to optimally serve our Eastern European customers and to further expand our market presence, the sales and engineering company Brand Springs Poland (BSP) is founded in Katowice. 



Acquisition of and start of production at Brand KG, Erwitte plant

We acquire another production and administration location in order to cater to our own sustainable and strategic growth, and as a further clear commitment to Germany as a location. At Erwitte, we exclusively manufacture springs for automotive drivetrains.  Floor space: 40,000 m², the usable area is 6,100 m².




All activities of the companies within the brandgroup are coordinated under BRANDHOLDING.

Start of production of arc springs for torque converter applications

Springs made of ultra-high-strength wire for crankshaft dampers (VW)



Expansion of the production facilities at the Anröchte plant

The continuous growth of recent years requires another new building in Anröchte. A dedicated 3,500 m² production hall and a modern administration building are built to manufacture springs used in door and technology.

Automatic production line for door springs



Founding of SATA Trading, France

The sales and engineering office SATA Trading is founded in Schweighouse (Haguenau, France) so that optimum support can be provided for the French market in a commercial and advisory capacity.

Introduction of the nitriding process                                                                                                                                      

Nitriding to improve the fatigue strength properties and lifetime of highly-stressed springs in powertrains.



Takeover of SATA, France

Acquisition and start of production in Schweighouse (Haguenau, France).



Founding of Continental Springs, Great Britain

Sales and engineering office Continental Springs opens in Great Britain.

Start of springs production for belt tensioners                                                                                                                        

 First production of torsion springs for automatic belt tensioners in the auxiliary drives systems



Takeover of Märkische Federnwerk (MFW) in Lüdenscheid

Märkische Federnwerk is our all-rounder for the production of all types of industrial springs.



First CNC winding machine                                                                                                                        

First CNC winding machine for the fully-automatic production of compression springs in series use



New building and move to Anröchte

Despite the repeated expansion of the production area, the existing capacities are no longer sufficient. The move to Anröchte takes place, with all operations and administration now combined under one roof.

The production floor space at that time was 4,200 m². In the years that followed, the production floor space increased to 20,000 m².



Dr. Bernt Schroer joins as general partner / managing director

Establishment of fully automated production. The machinery pool is jointly developed by the company. Thanks to continuous, solid growth, the brandgroup will soon be one of the leading German manufacturers of cold-formed technical springs.



Founding of Wilhelm Brand KG in Lippstadt

The company Wilhelm Brand KG was founded in Lippstadt (Westphalia) by Mr. Wilhelm Brand.