General principles

Our mission

We are a medium-sized, family-owned German company. Consequently, our decisions and actions are not driven by short-term profit motivation but by continuity, entrepreneurial foresight, the avoidance of environmental pollution, the economical use of resources and therefore sustainability.

We develop and manufacture innovative and efficient springs, spring assemblies and bending components for our customers. Our products absorb and store potential energy. Often as an invisible but technically and economically indispensable element for reducing energy consumption, they contribute to greater comfort and safety in numerous industrial and consumer goods.

Thanks to our leading product and process know-how, our highly-qualified, motivated and flexible colleagues, and above all thanks to our unrestricted orientation towards customer benefits, we have achieved a leading position in our core business areas in global market segments.

We will not stop expanding these elements and standards consistently at all our current and future locations, and well will strive to continuously increase our competitiveness.

Our vision

We want to sustainably maintain our strong position in our established business areas, and in particular we want to significantly expand the medical technology, actuators and smart materials business areas.

Using our European roots as the basis, we will further expand and strengthen our competencies and resources in the regions of China, South / South-East Asia and North America in order to be a leading supplier and development partner for our customers there too.


Our values

The understanding of values within the brandgroup is very pronounced and is summarised in the following positioning model:

At a time that is characterised by the challenges of internationalisation, the pressure for ever greater efficiency and a change in mobility and therefore our core business, we believe in the innovative strength and the loyalty of our qualified and motivated colleagues.

Our colleagues give their all for the brandgroup, working towards a time when we, as the world's leading expert for damping in every sector, will ensure that the world stays on the move.

That's why we're already the global specialist when it comes to the development and manufacture of cold-formed technical springs, spring assemblies and formed wire parts, maintaining strong roots in our home in eastern Westphalia.

For our global-player customers who need a technologically strong, competitive and international supplier, we offer not just competent advice but also modern production facilities with a zero-defect philosophy, productivity programmes and our own application development. This means that our customers can be sure that they'll be able to survive even the competitive pressures of globalisation.

As a family business, we offer the necessary flexibility, responsiveness and know-how through long-term customer relationships that are based on partnership, and this allows us to respond to individual customer needs with reliably high quality.