Development of Applications

Maximum customer benefit thanks to decade-long expertise

Our innovative team in the area of application engineering provides package- and cost-optimized spring systems with smart and efficient springs solutions. We support our customer’s development departments in all project stages – and this from the first idea to the series realization.

We combine the requirements of the customer applications with the spring-specific requirements from calculation and manufacturing to realize the best possible benefit for our customers. Our engineers rely on the brandgroup’s theoretical and practical expertise that has been developed over decades. This makes it possible for us to advise our customers about optimal spring materials, spring designs and manufacturing methods of different spring types, spring assemblies and wire forming parts. We gladly support you with calculation proposals for the best spring design.

Already in an early development stage, we are able to make life-time predictions based on the type of spring and the application. Complex duty cycles resulting from the individual customer requirements can be checked by damage accumulation method – here we focus on the component-specific Woehler line that is investigated by the brandgroup.

For the identification of the stress level of the spring, complex boundary conditions, such as centrifugal forces caused by the rotational speed, are also considered. In close cooperation with our customers and our calculation engineers, these boundary conditions are shown in our FEA models. In the framework of the simulation, the neighboring components are also considered in the models and the springs are digitalized on the basis of their actual geometry to increase the quality of the result.

To ensure an optimal coordination at any time, we count on a customer-related assignment of the respective application engineers.

A direct access to the “brandgroup prototype shop” – for all relevant spring types – enables a very short reaction time on individual customer requests.

Caused of our effective prototype shop and our well sorted prototype wire stock we are able to produce prototypes close to series conditions in a very short time.