Manufacturing processes

Continuous development of the latest technologies.

With regard to the production processes and quality assurance, we rely on the latest technologies, which we continuously develop internally.

The production of precise, highly resilient cold-formed technical springs and formed wire parts requires a large number of individual production steps. These must be perfectly coordinated and at the same time guarantee consistent quality.

For this reason and at all locations, the brandgroup uses the latest manufacturing technologies from renowned machine manufacturers for winding / wrapping / bending the base body.

For seamless traceability and possible later analysis, a variety of other in-process parameters are documented and evaluated in addition to the customer-specific test specifications. Across a very wide variety of projects, we are working on the future of the spring manufacturing process using Industry 4.0, in which manufacturing can then be closely interlinked with the latest information and communication technology.



In the CNC process, wire in various shapes and dimensions is wound into a spring or shaped into a formed part.

This approach is also followed during processing and forming through heat treatment and shot peening, right through to our test center. If the free market does not offer an adequate manufacturing technology solution for us, we develop it in close cooperation with local partners on site.



The surfaces of the spring ends are grinded using different methods (e.g. length-independent, in-line or infeed grinding).



Springs or bending components are shaped according to the customer's specifications.


Processes that lengthen lifetime
Shot peening in various grain sizes, nitriding, piece tempering

Multiple shot peening and a nitrided design allow an increase in the lifetime and improve the wear properties.



We offer setting processes, such as cold and warm setting of the spring.  


Heat treatments

We use various heat treatment processes. Depending on the type of spring and the spring wire used, stress-relief heat treatment is carried out to relieve the undesirable residual stresses that exist after the spring deformations.



Caps and spring sets can be assembled, with inner springs being installed with outer springs to form a set for the next stage of the manufacturing process.

Various assembly modules with springs and plastic parts are automatically assembled on our special machines. 


Preservation/surface coating/packing

In close collaboration with local partners, we offer all coatings that are common in the spring industry. The most common are the inorganic coating systems, such as Delta Tone or Delta Seal.

In addition to corrosion protection, the surfaces offer an improvement in the sliding properties.

Temporary corrosion protection for transporting the springs is achieved by way of in-house preservation using waxes or oils.



Customer-specific labels are applied onto the spring surface.