Materials - essential key components

Besides optimum production, the materials from which cold-formed technical springs and formed wire parts are manufactured are indispensable key components.

The brandgroup processes all material qualities available on the market, ranging from the "simple" torsion spring wire to stainless steel grades and through to super-clean low-inclusion, oil-smelted and tempered valve spring wires of all common wire suppliers in the wire thicknesses of 1.00 - 8.00 mm.

We can also supply you with numerous qualities in a peeled version and surface crack-detection to 40 or 60 µm. But even today less well-known materials for springs and formed wire parts such as shape memory alloys and fiber composites are our focus for your application.

We use a wide variety of wire cross-sections from round to profiled to square in order to achieve the best results for your product in terms of both stress distribution or installation space. Depending on the application, surface coatings such as galvanised or zinc flake, cathodic dip coating (CDC) or microlayer corrosion systems (MCS) are also possible to improve corrosion resistance.

To increase the spring life, we also offer surface hardening using nitriding, which also reduces wear.