Arc Springs

For our high-quality spring systems, we work accurately, structured and with the necessary know-how – you will always receive the perfect solution that is required for your project. We primarily use continuously eddy current tested qualities of torsion and valve spring wires. For our arc-springs we use round and profiled wire cross-sections, such as Multi-Arc. Furthermore, we can profile wire cross-sections in-line according to the customer’s needs.

All around the manufacturing, we rely on independently developed manufacturing systems by which complex arc springs can be manufactured in large series in a cost-effective way. We deliver these arc springs as single springs with a linear torque characteristic or as a spring set variant for the realization of multistage torque characteristics. A progressive torque characteristic is also possible. As an innovative spring manufacturer, we offer tension springs, garage door springs and complex leg springs apart from arc springs. This enables you to rely on custom-fit spring systems in every area.

We manufacture our arc springs in the wire diameters from 1.00 mm to 8.00 mm which makes it possible to use them for different applications, such as torsional dampers in the automotive power train or accessory drive. We offer multi shot peening and nitriding to increase the lifetime of the springs to a maximum. Caused of the high surface hardness of the nitride springs the wear can substantially be reduced. You can therefore rely on our high-quality products for your projects and convince yourself of our various solutions.