Torsion Springs for doors

Springs for industrial sectional doors are springs that are subject to torsional forces. They serve as power element to support the opening and closing movement of industrial doors. Customers looking for the suitable sectional door springs can count on us as one of the most innovative manufacturers. Our springs are extremely robust for industrial sectional doors and can be delivered in raw, galvanized, shot-peened, painted or coated version. Wire diameters up to 12.00 mm are possible in raw or shot-peened and paint version or up to 10.50 mm in galvanized version. Changes of the wire diameter can be made in steps of 0.50 mm. Intermediate sizes are manufactured upon request. Our torsion springs are available in lengths up to 4,000 mm in raw or galvanized version and up to 2,000 mm in shot-peened and paint version. We offer the following inner diameters: 50/51 mm; 65/67 mm; 95 mm; 142 mm; 152 mm. Special dimensions are possible at any time. We certainly design the ends of the springs according to your desires and assembly them with cones and support tubes. We always deliver you the best quality and you can rely on sustainable and extremely high-quality spring systems.

We manufacture the garage sectional door springs in the same quality and versions like the industrial sectional door springs. We generally design them with the customer especially for the garage door.

Apart from the torsion springs, you will find many additional springs, such as arc springs, tension springs, leg springs or wire forming parts.