Certificates & Awards

A goal that connects: Customer satisfaction

The certificates and awards of our customers are a symbol of the successful implementation of our corporate principles and reflect the brandgroup's claim to its colleagues, processes, product quality, customers, suppliers and the environment.


The certified standards within the brandgroup form the basis for achieving our goals. We aim to be one of the top suppliers - and this is also underlined by customer awards that we have received.

The following certifications are part of the excellence standards of the brandgroup:

•           DIN EN ISO 9001

•           IATF 16949 and

•           ISO 14001 and

•           ISO 50001

You can find our certificates in the downloads and at the end of the page.


For an actor, the greatest praise is the applause - for a producer it's an award. Over the past decades, the brandgroup has received regular awards from many customers in recognition of the quality or logistics services provided. We are proud of the appreciation of our work, which is expressed - usually at a celebration - in the presentation of an award by our customers. This appreciation spurs us on not to rest on our laurels, so that we can continue this success in the years ahead.